Baba Brinkman's Rap Guide to Culture

Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose - Other Yin
3 Chambers St


Tue 13 Aug 2019 16:15 (60 minutes)

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Music, poetry, art, science, politics, relationships, strange behaviors found in a species of (mostly) hairless primate. How do norms and social systems evolve and who benefits? Genes, memes, individuals, groups, societies and now the whole planet hangs in the balance as cultures and sub-cultures compete for survival and the viral come-up. Darwin had it right: culture is biology. Baba Brinkman's Fringe First award-winning series of science rap comedy shows are like nothing you've ever seen. Evolution, religion, human nature, consciousness, climate change, and now culture. 'Truly awe-inspiring!' ***** (Scotsman).
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Full Price £10.50

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