Ronni Ancona and Lewis MacLeod: Just Checking In

Gilded Balloon at the Museum - Auditorium
Lothian Street


Fri 02 Aug 2019 21:00 (60 minutes)

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LATECOMER POLICY - No latecomers after 5 minutes - A once-glamorous Scottish hotel is being sold to Donald Trump. Eccentric staff and celebrity guests conspire to prevent the sale. But first, if they are to succeed, a menacing mystery must be investigated. Lewis MacLeod (Dead Ringers, The Crown) and Ronni Ancona (The Big Impression, Last Tango in Halifax) unite their astonishing voice skills to create this surreal and dark story. However, when their characters take on a life of their own, talking back and interfering in the narrative, it becomes clear they are losing control over their own creations... and themselves!
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