Tommy Tiernan - Paddy Crazy Horse

Gilded Balloon Basement
Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre
204 Rose Street

Sat 02 Nov 2019 18:00 (110 minutes)

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Back on the road again Tommy Tiernan has a new show, Paddy Crazy Horse.

He rants and raves, he dances and acts. He tries to be very silly and very

serious at the same time.

He mixes a love of comic rebellion and a refusal to be conscripted into a

rational view of the world with a deep love for talking and the poetry of

everyday speech. Using high theatricality and lots of sweary language, this is

a fast paced and exuberant celebration of everything that’s wild, wrong and

wonderful about being alive right here, right now. It is by turns clever and then

really stupid.

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