Baxter vs The Bookies

Andy Linden

Gilded Balloon Teviot - Wee Room
Teviot Row House
13 Bristo Square


Fri 05 Aug 2022 12:40 (60 minutes)

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3-28 AUG - 12:40

The bets are laid. We're under starters orders. And we're off! The fluctuating fortunes of an ageing, old-fashioned, horse-racing tipster, pitting himself against the firepower of the Bookies. A one-man play starring Actor Andy Linden (Harry Potter, Count Arthur Strong, The Business, Not Going Out.). Baxter is an old-school horse racing tipster, a true lover of racing, basing his tips on his contacts, watching races and understanding horses. He's an anachronism in the modern world of computers stats, flashy websites and online gambling. But no one ever beats the Bookies. Do they?

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Full Price £8.00

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